Abe's Oddysee

Abe's Oddysee 2.0

A fantastic platform game with a clever storyline, and breathtaking action
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Oddworld Inhabitants, Inc.

Abe’s Oddysee is a fantastic platform and action game that tells the story of Abe, a Mudokon. The action takes place at Rupture Farms, one of the biggest meat-processing plants of the place, where Abe and other Mudokons are slaves. After learning that he and his fellows are going to become the ingredient for a new dish, Abe decides to escape, but not on his own; he will try to rescue his fellow Mudokons. So the odyssey begins.
Abe has to make his way all throughout the factory, looking for a way out, trying to convince his fellows Mudokons to follow him, while escaping from the guards of the plant. Abe has only one goal in mind: getting out of that place alive. Mudokons in turn, are quite a strange type, and convincing them to escape is not simple. You can actually talk to them and ask them to follow you, but after a while,if you stay still for a few seconds, they simply start working again, and you need to talk to them and convince them once again.
Abe will have to jump platforms, solve intricate situations, chant prayers to rescue his friends, and above all use his intelligence to escape harmlessly from all sort of life-or-death circumstances. He has to survive, and keep his friends safe from harm.
Of course Mudokons are not the only creatures in the plant. The first enemies you are going to face are sligs, some disgusting and lazy creatures whose only aim is to find you and kill you. These creatures are sometimes easily cheated, but do not rely much on their bad reputation; once they find you they will be merciless.
The game is divided into several stages, each one representing a specific area of the plant. There are no lives to lose, nor points to score, so you can actually focus on Abe's main objective. Apart from a good command of the keyboard, you will need to use your intelligence to solve most of the situations. Even though at every area of the plant you will receive instructions through a screen, at moments you will need to decipher its cryptic messages, and use your intuition as well to make the right decision.
The graphics, on the other hand, are good, not very detailed though; but explosions, animations, and all sort of visual effects have been very well done, specially considering that the game dates from the 90’s. Besides, it runs smoothly. The sound effects are awesome as well, and the music creates an atmosphere that will keep you alert all the time.
All in all, Abe’s Oddysee has all a great action game requires; an intelligent plot, a very enjoyable and challenging gameplay, and breathtaking action; in short, a game that will keep you in front of the computer for hours.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Truly challenging and enjoyable gameplay
  • Clever plot, plenty of action
  • Great music and sound effects


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